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From the very beginning I have always found creative outlets to express myself – from the finger paintings and scribblings of my childhood to the refuge of the dark room at high school, I have always found my place in creativity. It was in this dark room where I fell in love with photography and I knew straight away that it was the only career I could see myself in. This passion fell naturally into studying a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication), as design and photography go hand in hand, and I knew I would need both to be the best that I could be. By combining these mediums I was able to successfully forge a unique creative design solution which allows me to be the creative, passionate and hard-working perfectionist that I am – professionally.

Based in Sydney, I have been freelancing for 6 years, where I became fascinated with the creative process of fashion photography. Fashion photography allows me to unleash my creativity into all elements from the early stages of mood boards and bringing together a team to shooting and retouching the final images. I love to capture people when they are comfortable, natural and relaxed. This results in a photography style which is organic, a little dreamy and a fresh approach to traditional fashion photography.

Throughout my career, I have worked with many clients and businesses to re-imagine their brand identity, refresh their email marketing, publications, web and social media content as well as print media. I work with a number of fashion and corporate brands on a regular basis but am always on the hunt for new challenges.

I love being a part of the entire process from concept to completion. From planning to the final product, I can allow my unique style to show through and I can ensure the finished product is to the highest possible standard. I find my clients really connect with my contemporary, minimal and clean design style, and I always strive to create fresh, outside of the box designs to suit their needs.

Photography and graphic design is the job that still brings me the same joy as it did when it was a hobby. Somehow, I've been lucky enough that it's my full-time career.

So let's get started! Get in touch with me to discuss your ideas.

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I am available...


On a Monthly Retainer

Step up your business with regular design or photography content! On a monthly retainer I will dedicate a set amount of hours every month to cater to your creative needs. This option is great for businesses who need regular content created for newsletters, social media accounts or their websites.


For Specific Projects

So you have an idea and just need to implement it? I can help you bring your vision to life! I thrive working on creative projects. Whether it's a photo shoot or design brief, I will go above and beyond to ensure the final outcome reflects your brand.