BRAND IDENTITY: Christina O'Connell

TeeganPack - Christina O'Connell - logo.jpg

Having recently re-located to Thailand, Christina got in touch with me to create the brand identity for her psychology and public speaking business. While she left the design open to avoid restricting me, she wanted to ensure that it was sophisticated and represented resilience - an important topic within her business.

The brief: To create a logo that is really simple and modern - preferably using her initials - CO. It was also important that the logo included the colour green as it represents health and resilience. Christina also wanted to incorporate a plant growing through a crack as part of the branding, because it is symbolic of resilience.

When developing the logo I really focused on finding the most simplistic way I could visualise Christina's initials. While playing around with the curves of both letters I realised how seamlessly they combined together. I trialled a few different greens but eventually we decided on a jade green as it is fresh and contemporary. For Christina's name, I chose a san serif typeface and customised it to be really clean and simple.

TeeganPack - Christina O'Connell - home page banner.jpg

Once the logo was completed, the next task was to create content for the website. I based the webpage banner around the plant growing through the crack and coloured the plant the same green as the logo to tie them together. I used the logo graphic as a decorative element on the banner which became an important part of the branding. I also created individual logos for Christina's two services - Private Consultations and Public Speaking. Each service has a different colour to forward plan if Christina were to expand either of these services in the future.

I incorporated the plant image onto Christina's business card because it is an important symbol of her work and services. I used it a background as a subtle way to represent resilience. To keep her business card clean and sophisticated, I kept it really minimal. I really love how the logo is so simple that it can easily become a design feature so I incorporated it onto the back which is mainly text.

TeeganPack - Christina O'Connell - business cards 2.jpg