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I love to combine natural light with the personality and flair of the model. I find shooting people being their raw selves creates the perfect mood for genuine images. This results in raw, organic images that tell a visual story.

The creative process beforehand allows the spontaneity of the shoot to capture something organic and inspired. I love being a part of the entire process from concept to completion. From planning to editing, I can allow my unique style to slow through and I can ensure the finished product is to the highest possible standard. If you have an idea in mind, I can pick it up to bring your vision to life, or say the word and I can direct and shoot the entire project from start to finish. 

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How I can help


Creative Direction

The flair and creative inspiration that goes into the planning of the styling, model, location and story of the shoot are just as important as the shooting itself! I can come up with a concept and bring together a team to create your dream shoot!


Natural Light

My specialty is shooting on location using the sunlight I have available to me. This creates a more raw and natural feel to the images. I can provide guidance on the best time of day to shoot based on what style / vibe you are going for.


Professional Retouching

This is where I really make your images pop! Editing and retouching is an important part of my process. The result - dreamy, high quality images that stand out and complete your story!

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Looking to see more? I have photo shoot write-ups, entire shoot edits, behind the scenes, mood boards and more in my Journal!

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